A dear sister recited this during the church service yesterday:

Which shall I choose today,
The hard or easy way;

To seek some soul to bless,
Or stay in idleness;

For some cause sacrifice,
Or simply close my eyes;

Work out God’s thought in me,
Or set my passions free;

Seek from my foe his peace,
Or let my wrath increase;

Give till I feel it hurt,
Or hoard the yellow dirt;

Walk where martyrs trod,
Or scorn the claims of God?

Would I make Christianity pleasant and acceptable
When my Saviour did not find it so

Would I would make it comfortable and accommodating to my own schedule
Jesus knew nothing of such a false religion.

Lonely nights He wrestled in prayer
Nor spared himself physical discomfort

Father, would I not hear when you say,
Give me in your heart right of way

For you have no reason to hold back,
Unless …your love for Me is too small.

Yes it may cost you,
It will cost everything in you which is not of Me

But O My Child,
You cannot fathom……what I have in store, for you.