Someone hacked into my website Kairos Spiritual Formation a few days ago and Google and Firefox showed this dreaded message everytime someone try to access my URL.

This is the first time I heard of an “attack page.” An attack page, I found out is, when someone hacked into your website and install some malicious software that either changes your website or redirect your readers to other websites. I immediately emailed my website host server which immediately replied that it has nothing to do with them.

I next tried to find out the extend of the attack by using Google Webmaster Tools Diagnostic. It was very helpful in identifying all the codes that the hacker/hackers has inserted into my website. Then followed many tedious hours of deleting the said code from my website. Thank God that I was able to remove all these code because Google and Firefox restored access to my website.

I felt sad and disappointed that people will do something like that. It is like someone breaking into your house and desecrating it. Kyrie eleison.