I have been giving some thoughts to and reviewing some of my activities this past year. This is a summarised mission statement and scope of ministry.

I am a visual learner and sometimes it is helpful for me to write down and list things.

My Mission Statement

To nurture spiritual formation of disciples of Jesus Christ to develop informed minds, hearts on fire, and contemplative in actions.

Present Scope of Ministry

1. Preaching and teaching at Holy Light Church (English), Johor Bahru, Malaysia

2. Preaching and teaching at other churches

3. Preaching and teaching at conferences, seminars and church camps

4. Organising seminars and workshops

5. Mentoring of individuals and groups

6. Pastoral and spiritual friendships with pastors, full time workers and other church leaders.

7. Teaching courses at seminaries and Bible colleges

8. Spiritual direction and retreat directing

9. Mentoring of individuals and groups

10. Writing articles, chapters and books

11. Establishing an Internet presence though blogs, websites and the social media (Facebook, Twitter)

12. Study and research Spiritualities and Christian spiritual formation

13. Study and research Biomedical Ethics

14. Study and research Practical Theology

I find that having a mission statement and a list for scope of ministry helps me to see where I am at and where I should be going. I do appreciate your prayers.