The best Yee Sang I have tasted this year is a take-away Yee Sang from Ichiban-boshi in Great World Shopping Mall in Singapore! It was brought across the causeway to my dining table in Malaysia.

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The 13 components in the Yee Sang each has its significance

  1. Chuka kurage-Excellence
  2. Red Sweetened Ginger-Luck
  3. Peanut Crunch- Wealth
  4. Pickled Leek-Divination
  5. Sweetened Lime- Merit
  6. Pickled Cucumber- Advancement
  7. Winter melon- Harmony
  8. Fried Sesame- Prosperity
  9. Chuka Wakame- Youth
  10. Pickled melon – Tanquility
  11. Pok Chui Biscuits- Affluence
  12. Five Spice, cinnamon and pepper Powder – Fortune
  13. Salmon – Abundance