John Stott died July 27th at 3:15 London time (about 9:15 a.m. CST), according to John Stott Ministries President Benjamin Homan. Homan said that Stott’s death came after complications related to old age and that he has been in discomfort for the last several weeks. Family and close friends gathered with Stott as they listened to Handel’s Messiah. Homan said that John Stott Ministries has been preparing for his death for the past 15 years. “I think he set an impeccable example for leaders of ministries of handing things over to other leaders,” Homan said. “He imparted to many a love for the global church and imparted a passion for biblical fidelity and a love for the Savior.”

Below you’ll find our collection of classic pieces from Christianity Today’s publications on John Stott and his legacy. Read Christianity Today‘s full obituary here.

John Stott: The Man Who Wouldn't Be Bishop

John Stott: The Man Who Wouldn’t Be Bishop

Discernment and discipline have enabled him to touch lives worldwide.
By David Neff
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