The book of Ezekiel is one of the more difficult book in the bible to study because it deals with fantastic visions, prophecies, and revelations of God. The Spiritual Formation Institute held a seminar on it on 27 April 2013.

The seminar was taught by Dr. Peter Lua, an Old Testament lecturer from Seminari Theologi Malaysia.
Dr Peter Lau is a trained medical practitioner who holds an MDiv from Sydney Missionary and Bible College and a PhD from the University of Sydney. He has been lecturing at Seminari Theoloji Malaysia since 2010. He has also taught at Sydney Missionary Bible College and the University of Sydney.

Dr Lua’s approach to the book for the seminar was to have three lectures and two small group discussions.
The three lectures were
(1) Ezekiel 1: A Vision of the Glory of God
(2) Ezekiel 8-11: Not in my House
(3) Ezekiel 37: Give Us Life

The small group discussions were on Ezekiel 34 (Shepherds misbehaving badly) and Ezekiel 40-48 (let the good times roll).

The participants have had a good time at the seminar. Not only do they gain a better understanding of the book of Ezekiel and the man behind the book, they also have a glimpse of the mighty and awesome God who is behind the book and the man. The only complaint is that the seminar is too short. Many of the participants wished that it was longer so that they could discover more of the treasures that are there in this book.