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Proverbs (49)


There are many ways of meditating on the words of God. One way is to take a bible verse and meditate over it. Asking the Holy Spirit for wisdom, we repeat the words of the verse or passage slowly until its spiritual truth and wisdom is revealed to us. Our God is a God of revelation and acts actively to reveal himself to us if we seek him.

Sometimes, I find it difficult to focus with my mind as there are too many distractions, worries and problems that yells for attention. I find that have a picture or photograph is useful because I can meditate with my eyes open. The picture or photograph helps me to focus on my meditation.

Two years ago, I took up photography as a form of spiritual discipline to help me to see. I found it to be extremely useful. Photography has helped me to focus and see the details and varieties of God’s creation, and through the visual images, God himself. Finding that helpful, I have combined my photographs with bible verses. These photographs are selected to enhance our meditation of the bible verses.

I have been posting these since the beginning of this year on a daily basis in my Facebook Page, Kairos Spiritual Formation. ‘Like’ the page and you will have the photos and verses appearing daily in your Facebook homepage.

Here are some examples of the images.

Proverbs (11)

Proverbs (43)

You may download these images from Proverbs my website for free.


May your meditation be blessed by these photographs.

Soli Deo Gloria.