My message to the graduating class of 2015


Postcards from the Edge

If you can survive medical school, you can survive housemanship. Housemanship is swimming without your floats or bicycling without your training wheels. In medical school you have been cuddled and well protected. The gloves are off in housemanship. Welcome to the real world!

Medicine is both a science and an art. Medicine involves both the head and the heart. You may be a distinction-level medical student with a head full of knowledge. Without the heart to provide wisdom and compassion, you will not become a good doctor. Yes, you may have the certificate. This certificate marks the beginning of your journey, not its end. Housemanship and MOship gives you the opportunities to develop both your head and your heart. Use these opportunities well. You are being inducted into a noble vocation; a calling to comfort often, to cure sometimes but most of all to do no harm.

Paediatrics is a calling within the arena of medicine. It deals with little people. Added to the role of a physician is the one of an advocate. You are the voice of your patients to the rest of the adult world that are often act in ways that are detrimental to their well being. Your role is to protect and nurture them as they develop during the first seven years of their lives. This is when the foundations of their bodies, personalities and emotional wellbeing are developed. The rest of their life are just renovations.


Associate Professor Alex Tang
Clinical School Johor Bahru
Monash University

31 October 2015