“In his study of Rachel and Leah, Jon L. Berquist wrote: “In the end, Leah and Rachel both sold their dignity to achieve sons. Leah never purchased her husbands’s love with all her children. Rachel had love from the beginning, but wanted exclusive rights on that love; she gambled and, at the moment of her greatest achievement that might have bought her what she wanted, she lost everything”

Dr. Claude Mariottini - Professor of Old Testament

“Give me sons, or I will die!”(Gen 30:1).

Every year on Mother’s Day I write a post honoring the mothers of the Old Testament. As we celebrate Mother’s Day today, I want to write about a woman’s desperate desire to be a mother. That woman is Rachel, Laban’s daughter and the wife of Jacob.

Most people who read the Bible know Rachel’s story. For this reason, I will not dwell on aspects of her life. Rather, this post will deal with Rachel’s strong desire to become a mother and the struggles she faced to achieve what she wanted the most, to have sons.

Most translations of the Bible translate the Hebrew word bānîm in Genesis 30:1 as “children.” This is done in order to use inclusive language; however, the real meaning of the word is “sons.”  Leah had already given her husband four sons and no daughters. Rachel wanted sons…

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