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Hello little one,

I see you are wearing your Star Trek gold Command tunic. Even though it is a one-piece, one day it may be a full Captain uniform. Grampa hopes that you will command one of the starships of the future. Now, however, you are happy to sit in a cardboard box and pretend that it is a car. No matter. Being a captain of a box is as important as of a starship. You see, little one, being in command of anything takes leadership.

Leadership means getting people to follow you. Yes, like you get the other children to follow you in your Toddlers’ Class in church. Leadership is not getting people to follow you like in the pipe piper story but to come together, collaborate and do things for the common good. So, leadership is a responsibility to get people to work together. Little one, you will discover when you have grown a little more that some big people think that leadership is a position or rank. Such big people give themselves big people names for leaders. Other big people consider them as VIP. VIP means Very Important Person. Yes, I know you consider yourself the only VIP in the world but you be surprised that there are other people who think they are too.

Grampa thinks leadership is not a position but a function. A leader is someone who leads other people and serves them for the common good. Jesus from the Bible teaches that a leader is a servant. A servant is one who works hard for others. Remember the stories about Jesus your Daddy loves to tell you and your Jie Jie? Anyone who is getting others together to do something is a leader. There is no doubt in Grampa’s heart that you are a leader. From the moment you are awake, you direct all the big people to do whatever you want. Grandma calls you the ‘director of activities’. However, Grampa knows that you work hard to make all the big people around you happy. Bringing happiness is a way of service.

Little one, you are an energetic and active little boy, curious about everything, and not afraid to try anything (often to the alarm of the big people!). Your total dependence on others to look after all your needs, and not to worry about anything is a good model for a leader. A good leader should be dependent on God. He or she must avoid trying to micro-manage everything.  The leader must be dependent on others to work in collaboration. One day, little one, you will be a leader. In the meantime enjoy your play and stop pulling and dropping Grampa’s books from his shelves!


Dear Lord,

Take care of this little one. May he grows up to be a Moses, an Elijah, and a Jeremiah. May his emotional quotient (EQ) develop holistically together with his intellectual quotient (IQ) and spiritual quotient (SQ). May he develops effective and efficient leadership skills as he grows. May he be a blessing to others.


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