Conversation with my Grandson



Hello little one,

You are getting quite tall and are able to climb onto the dining chair all by yourself. Grampa knows why you climb the chair. You wanted to see what food are available on the table! Big people food always taste better than baby food. Except for your Mummy’s milk, of course. Grampa knows that you enjoy eating. You know what the good food looks like. You only ask for what you want. Looking at things and deciding whether you like it or not is called perception.

Remember when you were younger, when you look at a mirror, you see another baby looking back at you? Yes, we all have fun when you try to touch that baby and kiss him. Now you know that baby you see in the mirror is you. That is perception. You understand that you are looking at your reflection.

As you grow older, you will learn more about perception. Some big people will teach you that your milk bottle is half filled with milk. These big people are called optimists. Others will tell you that the same milk bottle is half empty. They are called pessimists. These people let their perceptions colour what they see. Grampa will tell you to ignore them and look at the milk bottle. Is there milk in the bottle? Is the milk drinkable? (not too hot or cold). Are you hungry? Then take the bottle and drink the milk! Whether you live a happy, fulfilled life or an anxious, empty one depends on your perception. At this moment your perception is pure. It is not influenced by the ‘half empty/half full bottle’ nonsense. As you grow up, you will be influenced by this type of ‘half full/empty’ thinking. Resist that. Hang on to your present perception as long as you can. Be neither an optimist nor a pessimist but a realist. See things as they are, not what you want them to be or what others want it to be. Then you will have a fruitful and abundant life.

I know this does not make sense to you. There is milk in the bottle. You are hungry so you drink. Life is simple and straightforward at your age. It is the big people who makes things complicated. So don’t worry about that now. Finish your half empty-half full bottle of milk before it gets cold!

Dear God,
Teach this little boy to be a realist. May he grow up perceiving things correctly, not swayed by the tides of opinions or fears. May he have much faith and trust in You. Bless him as his mind develops over the years.