2019-08-28 14.05.48

Asian Christian Theology (2019). I enjoyed reading this volume as it is written mostly by Asians to give an Asian perspective. I count many contributors as my personal friends which is an added bonus. It is an excellent collection of contextual theology scholarship.

I am surprised that none of these Asian writers writes from the eastern (Asian not Orthodox) shame/honor perspective. Instead, all of them approach their contextual theology from a western guilt/innocence perspective. Yes, I know, all our theological education are taught from the western guilt/innocence perspective. I have hoped our Asian scholars will take up the challenge to address the imbalance.

Our interpretation of the bible has always been transactional. The analogy is that of a law court. If you are guilty, you will have to pay a price. Jesus Christ came and paid the price. That is guilt/innocence.

What if Adam and Eve brought shame the Lord and caused Him to lose honor by their disobedience? They have dishonoured God. The need to redress that for is reconciliation and a repair of a broken relationship which affects not only the people involved but also the community and society. That is shame/honour. Jesus came to remove our shame and restore our honor with God.

Two-thirds of the world population functions from the eastern shame/honor perspective. Yet, we approach them with the guilt/innocence approach.

Would not it be time for our Asian scholars to teach and write on the eastern shame/honor perspective?

What is more important, is not our bible written from the shame/honor perspective?