MCO Day 3 Telling the Truth

Luke 8:17 –  For all that is secret will eventually be brought into the open, and everything that is concealed will be brought to light and made known to all.

My respect and heart go to the frontline troopers in this war against the COVID-19 pandemic. These are the nurses, doctors, radiographers, nursing assistants, clerks, cleaners, and all others who stand in the frontline, defending us from the infection. It is a tense and stressful calling. We never know if or when we may become infected in spite of the numerous layers of protective layers we wear. The N95 masks are really uncomfortable. The face shield cumbersome. And the constant fear- whether we become infected or worse, we infect our loved ones. I can still remember the days of SARS where the moment I reached home, I would make a beeline for the bathroom to change out of the hospital scrubs, scrub and wash myself, and wear clean clothes before I hug and kiss my wife and children. The fear combined with the long hours were exhausting and spirit draining. Now 18 years later, I am called upon to fight another virus, SARS-CoV-2. I am in solidarity with the younger doctors who are in the direct line of fire.

It is one thing to treat an infection, it is worse when your patients lie to you. Any important fact we need to know is whether the patient was involved in a religious or political gathering where there are infected persons, or in close contact with an infected person. Knowing this information will help the medical team protect themselves and their management of the condition.

But some patients always lie. It is standard for us to ask these risk questions but they will lie. The doctors then proceed with the treatment and somewhere along the way the truth will come out. Either from the spouse or relatives. This places the whole medical team at risk. The team will have to be screened and quarantined. Some team members will become infected and may die from the virus. I always wondered how some people be so selfish. There are limited numbers of doctors and medical teams.

I wish sincerely that patients will tell the truth. When we treat patients, there is a unique bond formed. Discovering the lies later, I feel so betrayed. So please, if you have a history of overseas travel to infected countries, taking part in a religious conference or service, and suspect you have been exposed to the virus, tell us. TELL THE TRUTH, Do not hide the facts until it is too late. Don’t be responsible for the death of a young promising doctor because if your lies.