Guidance for Churches in the Coronavirus Era

The COVID-19 pandemic has significantly impacted all of society including the church. Uncertainty about the future, economic hardship and a sense of loss has affected many members of the church. As we grapple with this crisis it is important to ask relevant questions about the future and look at this pandemic from a spiritual perspective.

While the COVID-19 pandemic poses a great challenge it also offers us a vital opportunity to reflect deeply on our lives, the church, our community and the direction we have been heading. We have an opportunity to let go of what distracts us from Christ and deepen and broaden our individual relationship with Him. It also allows for the transformation of the church by God. The church is the people, the body of Christ and not a physical building. Few of us are able to recognise that many of our current church systems and structures are traditions grown over years. What started as good ideas and a response to needs, became traditions and later fixed structures. We should be careful not to become dependent on our church systems but rather on the living God. This crisis allows for us to refocus on the needs of the people and a reformation of the church and ministry environments.

With this in view a number of us have attempted to spiritually discern what God is saying and have put together a document that tries to offer practical guidance for the church and individuals on how to move forward and support their congregation and community. At the same time it explores ideas on how the body of Christ can move from being ‘recipients’ to active followers of Jesus. Personal spiritual formation and ideas on church transformation are considered with a view to produce a vibrant and meaningful body of Christ, one that is immersed in the community.

The document covers many areas including:

  • The expected immediate future with the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Changing ministry environments and the response of the church.
  • Establishing an effective digital church.
  • Adjusting physical services to make them safer to attend.
  • Key prevention safety measures to implement.
  • Restructuring the church office environment.
  • Supporting the congregation to grow spiritually as individuals.
  • Supporting our pastors, church workers, their families and smaller churches.
  • Supporting rural, indigenous church communities and the poor.
  • Checklists are offered for specific areas to aid planning.


The document is available for download from



The COVID-19 pandemic will probably be with us for the next 1-2 years and we must guard from slipping back to ‘business as usual’ once the threat is passed. It offers the church of our time to have a ‘great awakening’ – a time to live church rather than ‘go to church’. A time to discover God, not just our Saviour and Father, but also as Friend and Beloved, awaits us.



Dato’ Dr Amar-Singh HSS

Datin Dr Swee-Im Lim

Matthew Ling Ung-Hiing

Low Chai-Hok

Dr Alex Tang Tuck-Hon

David Bok



5th May 2020


Email for any queries: amarhss@gmail.com