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For those Christians working in the marketplace or other places, do you feel that your work is second-rate compared to those work that carries the name ‘Full Time’ workers (such as pastors, pastoral staff etc)? Do you feel that in your innermost being, if all things being equal, you should give up your job and go ‘full time’? I shall address this in this webinar on discernment in vocational calling and holiness.
This webinar is also for those in ‘full time’ work especially if the bulk of your service is carried out by laypeople. Fulltime worker such as pastors have a day off (often Monday). Laypeople who help in the church do not have any time off. They work 5-6 days a week and give the weekends and some weekday evenings to the functioning of the churches. Are pastors aware of the strain they are placing on their members?
We shall try to unpack this can of worms in this webinar. Please register and join me.