The Ethics of Genomic Science

I am looking forward to the ICMDA webinar on The Ethics of Genomic Editing. Genomic editing has been eclipsed by the COVID-19 pandemic but its significance has not. Last year I was invited to be part of a symposium organized by Berman Institute of Bioethics, John Hopkins University and Universiti Malaya on this same topic.

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Discerning God’s Call in the Marketplace


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“God’s work is church work. My secular job is to earn money so I can do God’s work”For those Christians working in the marketplace or other places, do you feel that your work is second-rate compared to those work that carries the name ‘Full Time’ workers (such as pastors, pastoral staff etc)? Do you feel that in your innermost being, if all things being equal, you should give up your job and go ‘full time’?

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Reading is Action




Guest post by Carol Perumal

READING is such an underrated activity these days that it pains me to see people not participating in it esp the younger generation. Reading is action. Even though it is done quietly and alone, reading is a profoundly social activity and a rigorously demanding one. There is nothing passive about reading: it requires attention, energy, and an act of will.

Reading makes things happen in the mind and imagination when stoked and flamed can yield greater ideas and solutions. Reading is an act of power and learning how to get the most out of its possibilities can also be an invigorating exercise. For all its association with quietness, solitude and the sedentary life, reading involves – at its deepest level – action and interaction.

To me, it increases my dopamine levels far more than any activity like playing games. I spend a major portion of my teaching time trying to motivate students to read ( and make it a lifelong habit) for it has hit me forcefully that without a reading skill one will fail to read the Word of God with understanding.

True, education is a rigorous training of the mind but we must not take the preciousness of reading so for granted that we fail to appreciate so little the kind of thinking that a complex Bible passage requires of us. I often say if you make interpretations from a complex Bible passage you can do so for all your other academic subjects. It is overwhelmingly clear to us the need to give our children a disciplined and rigorous training in how to think an author’s thoughts after him from a text esp a Biblical text.

An alphabet must be learned as well as vocabulary, grammar, syntax, the rudiments of logic and the way meaning is imparted through sustained connections of sentences and paragraphs. An understanding of any passage requires rigorous thought and mental effort.

We would have failed our younger generation if we hadn’t brought them up to appreciate reading and mentor them to stick to it even when exams are over. Of course, I am very aware of the many problems associated with difficulties in reading and word association that have hampered students from progress because a deficiency in mastering a language is almost akin to a block in academic growth. Hence I aim to apply concepts learned in educational Neuroscience as well as work with the specialists in this field to help those students. But the larger population of young people blessed with a brain that can read normally – what are you doing about inculcating a lifelong habit of reading?




Discerning the Call in the Marketplace

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For those Christians working in the marketplace or other places, do you feel that your work is second-rate compared to those work that carries the name ‘Full Time’ workers (such as pastors, pastoral staff etc)? Do you feel that in your innermost being, if all things being equal, you should give up your job and go ‘full time’? I shall address this in this webinar on discernment in vocational calling and holiness.
This webinar is also for those in ‘full time’ work especially if the bulk of your service is carried out by laypeople. Fulltime worker such as pastors have a day off (often Monday). Laypeople who help in the church do not have any time off. They work 5-6 days a week and give the weekends and some weekday evenings to the functioning of the churches. Are pastors aware of the strain they are placing on their members?
We shall try to unpack this can of worms in this webinar. Please register and join me.

Reimagining Christian Spiritualities

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Reimagining Christian Spiritualties


Spiritual Formation Inventory


Spiritual formation inventory is a spiritual assessment tool to obtain a snapshot of our spiritual life at a certain moment in our spiritual journey. This tool will help us to discover what areas in our spiritual practices are strong and what the weaknesses are. For effective spiritual formation or spiritual growth, balanced spiritual life and practices is essential. Too much emphasis on one aspect of our spiritual practices at the expense of others may lead to an unhealthy spirituality.

The essential elements or components of the spiritual formation may be summarized by the acronym SHALOM

Story-telling is the living our lives in communion with God

Heart is to abide in Christ or growing into Christlikeness

Action is in ministry to others or service

Learning is living in the Word or spiritual learning

Opening to the community as in fellowship and community building

Missional is living as a witness to the world

Shalom is a Hebrew word often translated as peace. However shalom means more than peace (as the absence of strive) as it also denotes perfection– as in perfection of God’s original creation, Jesus as the perfector of our faith and himself, and as the perfection of man’s reconciliation with God.

Discover your spiritual inventory using the tool I have developed in my website through this link

Reimagining Christian Spiritualities in the time of COVID-19 Pandemic


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You are invited to join me for this Zoom session. Even though it is for Medical and Dental professionals and students, you are welcome to join us even if you are not a healthcare worker. It is open to all who are interested in Christian spiritualities in this pandemic period.

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Webinar on Calling in the Marketplace

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Webinar Lecture “Discerning the Call in the Marketplace”
Date: Tuesday, 15 September 2020
Time: 8.00pm – 9:30 pm
Committed Christians are often concerned about discovering God’s calling – to be and become; how they are to live and have their being in their workplace and marketplace. Central to this is how to maintain the vitality of their spiritual life and growth in the modern lifestyle that is extremely hectic and exhausting especially in this phase of the COVID-19 pandemic. They struggle with the theology of God’s calling and vocation. This webinar will examine the issue of hectic and busy lifestyles, discerning God’s callings, and how to nurture the spiritual life in the marketplace.
About the Speaker:
Dr Alex Tang MD PhD is a consultant paediatrician in a private hospital in Johor Bahru. He is an associate professor of paediatrics in Monash University Clinical School Johor Bahru. Alex is a practical theologian and biomedical ethicist and teaches in several seminaries in Asia and elsewhere. He is a spiritual and retreat director. Alex has authored numerous books, book chapters, monographs, and articles. His research interests are in Christian spiritualities, spiritual formation, and biomedical ethics. Alex is an elder in a Presbyterian church, is married with grown children and growing grandchildren.

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Spiritual Formation in a Nutshell

A meme collection of major spiritual formation proponents, the major ideas, and texts






Guidance for Churches in Covid-19 Pandemic Mandarin Translation

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